Welcome to the page of the Lace House, Hegykő

A legszebb felújított épület a Fertő-vidéken 2016
The Lace House was created primarily to showcase the unique collection of lace from Hövej, Istváné Szigethy's exhibition "From the cradle to the eyelid". The building is over 100 years old and is a speciality in itself, with its rare ovens and clean rooms. Visitors can travel back in time, recall their childhood experiences and young people can easily imagine what life was like for their grandparents and ancestors. The house is next to the church. Hegykő has a strong tourist attraction: it has excellent thermal waters and there are many excursions and attractions in the area. A new attraction in 2022 will be the barn behind the Lace House, which will also showcase the old tools of the region. And between the two buildings, a fragrant, flowery herb and spice garden will be open to visitors.


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